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Assessment & Tax Department

Ted Tiller, Assessor/Tax Collector
450 N. Buena Vista #13
Burns, OR 97720
FAX: 541-573-8193
Email: ted.tiller@co.harney.or.us

Rozanne Ebar, Assessment Clerk and Personal Property
Phone: 541-573-2246
Email: rozanne.ebar@co.harney.or.us

Karen Zabala, Deputy Tax Collector and Exemptions
Phone: 541-573-8365
Email: karen.zabala@co.harney.or.us

Melinda Maupin, Deed Clerk
Phone: 541-573-8366
Email: melinda.maupin@co.harney.or.us

Charles Dickinson, Residential, Farm and Commercial Appraiser
Phone: 541-573-8368
Email: charles.dickinson@co.harney.or.us

Aaron Scheen, Residential, Farm and Commercial Appraiser
Phone: 541-573-8369
Email: aaron.scheen@co.harney.or.us

Tammy Attleberger, Residential, Farm and Commercial Appraiser
Phone: 541-573-8365
Email: tammy.attleberger@co.harney.or.us

Services and Information Offered...
New Feature~ Make your tax payments online with GovTeller Gov-Teller

Reminder Notices on Property Tax payments are sent for the second trimester on February 1st and for the third trimester on May 1st. 


ORMAP has many great map products.  One of these is the images for every township and range in the State.  Harney County is represented as well.  You can access and print these maps right from the ORMAP website.