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90th Harney County Fair, Rodeo & Race Meet - September 2-7, 2014

Don Slone, Fair Manager
69660 S. Egan Street
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-6447
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2014~Harney County Fair~How The West Was Fun

The Harney County Fair dates back to 1888 when the first such event was held.  Each year the County Fair is held the week after Labor Day.  This is a full blown event with the County Fair, NPRA Rodeo, ParaMutual Horse Racing, and amusement rides.  Residents gather from all around Harney County for the week to show their 4H animals and participate in innumerable events at this big event.  Many schools even take the week off as their students participate in the 4H judged events. For more Harney County Fair History visit our Fair History page.










Darrel Smith has been selected as the 2014 Grand Marshall of the 90th Harney County Fair, Rodeo, and Racemeet, to be held on the dates of September 2-7, 2014 in Burns, Oregon.

Darrel was born in 1939 in Colorado. He moved to Burns in August of 1969 to work at Les Schwab

Tire where Orville Cheek was his boss. Orville got Darrel to help organize and work the very first Harney County Fair “Demolition Derby” that was held on the evening of September 5, 1969. Darrel was involved in the Demolition Derby and Fair, Rodeo, & Racemeet for a number of years clear in to the 1990’s. This began his many years of service to the Harney County Fair.

Darrel was appointed as a Director of the Fair Association in 1974 through 1982, and again for 1986 to 1988. He was appointed to the Fair Board by the County Court in 1983 and 1984. He left Harney County for a short time in 1985, and has never left again.

Darrel served the Harney County Fair Association as the Vice-President in 1977 & 1978. He was then President in 1979 & 1980.

Sometime in the early 1980’s, the Fair Association & Fair Board began thinking about an indoor event building that could be used for multiple events as well as serve as an exhibit hall during the County Fair. Darrel was a part of the strategy building group. It took a few years of planning, and the Memorial Building was built in 1984 and finished in 1985 with the very first event in the building being the 1985 Fair. The building was named in honor of a number of people donating money and in memory of a loved one, and this money was used to help with construction, thus the name Memorial Building. Darrel said, “This big project could not have been possible if not for the outstanding contributions of the folks of Harney County”.

Another large project during Darrel’s years on the Fair Board was the construction of the Grandstand’s Restroom. Darrel says, “For those of you that remember when there were restrooms underneath the Grandstand, you will also remember how much nicer this new facility is. The Carnival at that time, Davis Shows’ personnel was now able to take a shower every day of the Fair.

Darrel mentioned a cooperative project in the early 1980’s between the Fair, the Little League, the High School, and Park & Recreation, was to have bleachers built all alike so that if anyone of the group needed some extra seating for an event, they could borrow from one of the other organizations. The Fairgrounds has six sets of these bleachers in the Sale Barn at this time.

Darrel’s favorite hobby in life is playing music. He played a guitar and sang in a band for many years. Many times he was coerced to get on stage at a local establishment and sing and play his favorite songs on a Friday or Saturday night. He played with the Hi-Desert Fiddlers for many years. He cannot play a guitar now because he has broken his left thumb twice, and can no longer hold a guitar properly. He now plays an electric piano for his own musical enjoyment.

Darrel gave many hours of his time, energy, and experience to the Harney County Fair, along with his wife Linda every step of the way!

Darrel says, “As Grand Marshall I want to welcome you to the 90th Harney County Fair, Rodeo, & Racemeet on the dates of September 2-7, 2014. I look forward to visiting with all of you”!
Congratulations Darrel!

You are the 2014 Harney County Fair “Grand Marshall”.

Written by Don Slone with information from Darrel on February 19, 2014.

2014 Fair Court: Randi Johnson, Queen

Message from the 2014 Fair Court:

This year our fair theme is “How the West Was Fun” as your 2014 Harney County Fair & Rodeo Queen, I would like to welcome you to the 90th Harney County Fair!

Hello Fair, Rodeo, and Racemeet fans!  My name is Randi Johnson.  I am nineteen years old and I will be attending Treasure Valley Community College this year.  My parents are Warren and Sherri Johnson and I have two younger brothers, Warren Clayton and William.  I am honored to represent the Harney County Fair because it has always been one of my favorite summer time events.  I have been an active member of both the Harney Basin Livestock, and Western Pleasure Writers 4-H clubs.  I enjoy writing cowboy poetry, ranch work, representing the sport of rodeo, and promoting the ag industry.  Some of the events I have attended this summer include Jordan Valley Big Loop, Sisters Rodeo, Crooked River Roundup, Vale 4th of July Rodeo, Chief Joseph Days, Oregon State Fair, and the Deschutes, Grant, and Lake County Fairs.  I also hope to attend the Pendleton Roundup and the NPRA Finals. 

I would like to thank my sponsors: Gary and Michelle Miller, Broken Circle Company, Dan and Heidi Jenkins, Western Pleasure Writers 4-H Club, SELCO Community Credit Union, Glory Days Pizza, Terry and Debbie Hawkins, Broadway Deli, Sunshine House LLC, Pioneer Feed, LC Ranch Photography, Ron Shelley, Thad W. Hillman, Jett Blackburn Real Estate, Kings, Ribbons and Roses, Figaro’s Pizza, Smith and Smith Farms, Buckaroo Bouquets, Kiely Banton, Buckaroo Built, Harney County Vet Clinic, Jerry and Nancy Harper, Desert Trails, Jill Charlotte Stanford, Karen Perkins, Bend Soap Company, Grandma and Grandpa, Coyote Joe, Mary Williams Hyde, Mincer Silversmiths, Steve Nelson’s Horseshoeing, and Warren Johnson Trucking.  Your support has helped me get down the road this summer and I greatly appreciate it!  I would also like to thank my Momma for hauling me all over the state this summer.  I could not have done it without you!  A special thanks to Don Sloan our fair manager for all of his hard work in making this event happen.

The Harney County Fair has always been a highlight of my summer and I am proud to represent it as queen.  So come join me September 2-7, at the 90th Harney County Fair and see “How the West Was Fun!”

View the Harney County Fairgrounds Locator Map and the Map of the Harney County Fairgrounds.

2014 Fair Gate Admission Fees







16 to 60 Years




6-15 Years



0-5 Years

Over 60

Season Pass

  • A Season Pass will get a person into the Fair for 4 days on the dates of September 2-7, 2014. Again this year, the season passes will not be the “Fair Buttons”. The buttons have been replaced by ”Wrist Bands” that cannot be passed from one person to another.

Daily Pass

  • A Daily Pass will get a person into the Fair for 1 day on the dates of September 2-7, 2014.


  • Veterans will be allowed into the Fair for Free on Thursday. Please bring proof that you are a veteran.

With fee this schedule, those people buying season passes are basically getting one day at the Fair for free.

The “Official Host Hotels” of the Harney County Fair-

Best WesternRory & Ryan


Follow this link for a full listing of the 2014 Fair Entertainers

Entertainment Director: Don Slone
2014 Harney County Fair Poster
Davis Amusement Cascadia
2014 Carnival Poster

All day POP (pay one price) wrist bands presale price will be $23 and are good for all day each day on September 2-6, 2014. That gives anyone about ten hours of ride time for $23, or about $2.30 per hour. A person can expect to ride the rides at least 5 times in one hour. The cost for the POP onsite at the Carnival will be $30.

Food Concessions: Don Slone – # Concession Spaces: 15
Commercial Exhibits: Don Slone – # Exhibit Spaces: 26 # RV Spaces (12 month): 32
Rodeo Sanctioned By: NPRA, ICA
Stock Contractor: B bar D Rodeo Co.