Harney County is located in southeastern Oregon and is the largest county in the State of Oregon.  The County has a diverse landscape with forests, sagebrush, lakes, streams, desert and mountains.  Harney County is open for business, travel, exploration, outdoor adventure, and recreation.

Living in this area has many unique features and opportunities.  Harney County is termed the "high-desert" because of its elevation (Burns is at 4,147 feet), and hence the types of vegetation and landforms that present themselves in some areas are desert like.  But the landscape and climate varies greatly in this area.  There are forested, pine tree covered areas in the northern portion of the County with the Ochoco and Malheur National Forests.  There are large sagebrush covered rolling hills and meadows in the bottom lands.  Many lakes, streams, and the Alvord Desert are in the southeastern corner of the County.  A large wetland area known as the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Steens Mountain and other mountain ranges in the southern end that all add up to the tremendous and extraordinary variety of landscapes that are found here.  These features add to the quality of life that appeals to a wide range of individuals.   The variety of landscapes also produces innumerable recreational opportunities.  Other aspects that contribute to a positive and healthy lifestyle are the outstanding educational opportunities that are available through elementary, secondary and branch campuses of nearby institutions of higher education.