Fields Rural Community

A Brief History

Fields Station was first established as a roadhouse on the stagecoach line between Winnemucca, Nevada and Burns in 1881. Charles Fields homesteaded at the site of the Fields post office and “kept the travel and freight haulers.” In 1911 he sold out to John Smyth and when the post office was established in 1913, Smyth named it for Fields.

Fields is about as far as one can get from anywhere – 112 miles south of Burns, and a long, long way from anywhere else. The old stone roadhouse still stands, remodeled as a store and restaurant. The stone horse barn is still in use, although it has partly collapsed. The stationmaster’s tiny cabin with walls of sawed stone and a sod roof, long unused, reminds the passerby of pioneer times.


The unincorporated community of Fields has a zoning designation of Rural Service Center (RSC).  The zoning for this community provides for a multitude of uses although space may be limited.