David M. Ward,  SheriffHarney County Sheriff
Emergency Program Director
485 N Court Avenue #6
Burns, Oregon 97720-1524
Phone: 541-573-6156
FAX: 541-573-8383

Sheriff's Office Staff

Missy Ousley,  9-1-1 Supervisor 
Phone: 541-573-5961
Civil Process
LEDS Administrator
Concealed Handgun Licenses
Chris Nisbet,  Deputy Sheriff
Phone: 541-573-6156
Brian Needham,  Lieutenant, Deputy Sheriff
Phone: 541-573-6156                      
Drug Enforcement Task Force
Search & Rescue
Dan Jenkins, Deputy Sheriff
Phone: 541-573-6156
BLM Patrol
Lucas McLain, Sergeant, Deputy Sheriff
Phone: 541-573-6156
Parker Hetherwick, Deputy Sheriff
Phone: 541-573-6156


The Mission of the Harney County Sheriff’s Office is, “To serve our community by providing superior public safety and exceptional professional service in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner, while preserving the right of all individuals.”

Core Values and Standards
Our values are honor, integrity, ethics and professionalism.

Our Vision
To protect and serve for a safer community

The Harney County Sheriff's Office works to protect the citizens of Harney County.  The services that are offered further public safety in this area and throughout this region.  A complete listing of nearly all of Oregon's Law Enforcement Agencies are listed on the 911 Police, Sheriff and Law Enforcement Website.

  • 911 Dispatch - Enhanced 911 dispatch technology and computer aided dispatch capabilities.
  • Civil Process - The Sheriff's Office can provide delivery of legal documents for a fee. 
  • Concealed Handgun License - The ability to carry firearms is available with proper  license and training.
  • Correctional Facility (County Jail) - The County Jail provides immediate incarceration of  persons brought in by local law enforcement agencies.
  • Crime Prevention Tips - The opportunity for crime to occur is increasing substantially with the availability of information.  Learn how to prevent crime from happening to you!
  • Drug Enforcement Task Force - Illegal drug use is everyone's problem.
  • Emergency Management - Being prepared for emergencies will prove to be a great benefit when an actual emergency does occur.
  • Homeland Security - Know all about the National Homeland Security System. 
  • Marine Enforcement - Water safety is extremely important and being aware of safety practices while on the water can save lives.
  • Search and Rescue- Harney County is one of the largest Counties in Oregon and so hunting, fishing and general outdoor activities may lead to persons being lost or in need of help where finding them may prove to be a challenge
  • Sex Offender Registration - View registration requirements.