The National Resource Advisory Committee (NRAC) advises the court on the needs and priorities of the county’s natural resources; provides substantial comments for the National Environmental Policy Act process; and works through implementation of the county’s land use plan.

The committee consists of a maximum of nine members who must live in Harney County and identify two areas of interest from the following selection:

  • agriculture and livestock production;
  • timber and wood products production;
  • recreation;
  • hunting and fishing;
  • the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center;
  • cultural resources; and
  • natural resources stewardship through the continuation of the customs, culture, health, safety, and economic stability of Harney County.

Committee meetings are open to the public, and representatives from public land agencies are encouraged to attend and answer questions.

NRAC Advisory Committee Members:

Name Position Term
Keith Baltzor, Vice Chair Ag, Forest, BLM, Timber 2020-2022
Bruce Rickman Recreation, OHA 2020-2022
Cam Swisher Range 2020-2022
Merle Reid Recreation, OHA 2020-2022
Jesse Svejcar, Chair Fire, Range 2019-2021
Jeff Maupin Stockgrowers 2019-2021
Nick Schott Ag, Livestock 2019-2021
Chad Boyd Ag Research Center, All Areas 2019-2021
David Bohnert Ag Research Center, All Areas 2019-2021
Kristen Shelman Harney County Court Rep.