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420 N Fairview Ave.
Burns, OR 97720

Right across from the hospital

Phone: (541) 573-2271
Fax: (541) 573-8388

After-hours emergency number 541-589-2423

Business Hours:
Monday – Thursday
8:30 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
(Excluding holidays)

8:30 am - 2:30 pm (closed for lunch from noon - 1:00 pm)

RN Clinic Hours:
Monday – Thursday
8:30 am – 5:00 pm (closed for lunch from noon-1:00 pm)

8:30 am – 2:30 pm (closed for lunch from noon-1:00 pm)
Vaccines, family planning and STI visits offered every day.
Syringe services offered on Friday from 1:00 to 2:30 pm
Call if these times don't work. Call for further information.

High Country Health and Wellness Care Clinic Hours:
Monday-Thursday, excluding holidays
8-12 and 1-5PM


Patients should click this link to register in our portal to set up appointments, communicate with staff, request refills on prescriptions, communicate with staff and to receive visit summaries and labs back.

Resources for Veterans: Find resources for Veterans at maketheconnection.net


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The Harney County Health Department has many programs to offer Harney County residents including:  Immunizations, Family Planning, Women-Infant-Children (WIC), Well Child Checkups, Vital Records, Communicable Diseases, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Management/Public Health Emergency Preparedness , TB Program, Syringe Service Program (OHA article Harm Reduction in Rural Oregon), HIV and Hepatitis C confidential rapid test, CDL Exams, Environmental Quality Inspections, Business Licenses for Restaurants and Hotels, Tobacco Preventions & Education Program, File a complaint against violations of the Indoor Clean Air Act.  Please follow the appropriate links on the left to view available information.

If you are interested in any of these programs or just have a question, please feel free to call us at (541) 573-2271.

Meet the Staff!

Nicholas Calvin, MPH, JD, Director
Email: nic.calvin@co.harney.or.us

Jolene Cawlfield, FNP
Email: jolene.cawlfield@co.harney.or.us

Kelly Singhose, LPN, Primary Care Manager
Email: kelly.singhose@co.harney.or.us

Dr. Sarah Laiosa, DO, Primary Care Provider, Harney County Health Officer

Barbara RothgebFNP, Primary Care Provider, Communicable Disease Nurse
Email: barbara.rothgeb@co.harney.or.us

Sheri Miller, RN, Immunization Coordinator, Reproductive Health Coordinator, Babies First CaCoon Nurse
Email: sheri.miller@co.harney.or.us

Diane Brinkley, LPN, COVID-19 Contact Tracer, School Reopening Liaison
Email: diane.brinkley@co.harney.or.us

Kelly Novak, EMT, CHW, WIC Coordinator and WIC Certifier
Email: kelly.novak@co.harney.or.us

Rebecca Bates, CMA, Certified Medical Assistant
Email: rebecca.bates@co.harney.or.us

Jennifer Hughes, Medical Assistant
Email: jennifer.hughes@co.harney.or.us

LeAnn Smith, Front Office Coordinator
Email: leann.smith@co.harney.or.us

Charlotte Campbell, Billing Specialist
Email: charlotte.campbell@co.harney.or.us

Ashley Campbell, Biller and Coder
Email: ashley.campbell@co.harney.or.us

Maxine Nyman, Oregon Health Plan Assister
Email: maxine.nyman@co.harney.or.us

Virginia Lopez -- Community Health Worker, Office and Revenue Cycle Specialist, Translator and WIC Clerk
Email:  virginia.lopez@co.harney.or.us

Melinda Todd, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Email: melinda.todd@co.harney.or.us
After-hours emergency number 541-589-2423
Find Harney County Emergency Preparedness on FACEBOOK

John Combs, RN, Environmental Health Specialist
Email: combsj@grantcounty-or.gov          

District Medical Examiner:
Dr. Sarah Laiosa
559 W Washington
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: (541) 573-2074
Fax: (541) 573-4240

Public Health Administrator
State Registrar

Pete Runnels
450 N. Buena Vista #5
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541-573-6356
FAX: 541-573-8387
Email: pete.runnels@co.harney.or.us

The Harney County Health Department does not discriminate on the basis of: 1) race, 2) color, 3) national origin, 4) religion, 5) disability, 6) age, 7) sex (includes pregnancy-related conditions and sexual harassment), 8) marital or familial status, 9) sexual orientation or other class protected by law.

Interpreters or other assistive communication aids are available at no cost.

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